The ONLY Fully Integrated Business Software for Your Drilling Company.

Generic tools and off the shelf products can’t handle your Drilling company’s unique data requirements. All they do is create isolated buckets of information that don’t talk to each other. From the drill site to head office, Drillspec brings together all the components of your business under a single roof connecting safety, profitability and compliance.

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Why Spreadsheets are the MOST DANGEROUS part of Your Business.

Spreadsheets and fillable forms can collect information but they can’t connect all the dots, leaving you high and dry when safety and profitability are on the line. You need a single solution that can show your clients that you follow safety procedures, track productivity and equipment and analyze profitability in a meaningful way. Drillspec does all this and more.

Unlike spreadsheets, Drillspec will:

  • Give You Real-Time, Synchronized Data from the Field to Head Office, and Beyond
  • Protect Data Integrity – Drillspec Cleanses Data as it’s Entered, so Entering Bad Info is Virtually Impossible
  • Show You Who Opened Files (Like SWPs) and When they Opened Them, so Accountability Rests with the Right People
  • Lock Down Important Documents, So That Expired Versions Don’t Go Out Into the Field


Why Drillspec

Drillspec will change the way you see your operation.

How it Works

DrillSpec Dashboard

The Logic is Built-In.

As opposed to spreadsheets and fillable forms, with Drillspec you don’t have to figure out formulas or connect the dots. We worked with real drilling companies like yours to design Drillspec just for your industry. It comes pre-programmed to track, manage and report all the business information you need to stay safe, profitable and compliant.


How it Works

Avoid downtime and keep your rigs at peak profitability.

How it Works