Level the playing field.

Large drilling companies have the resources and capacity to invest in blue chip business management tools, giving them an advantage when it comes to Operations, HR and data reporting. But these systems weren’t designed specifically for drilling and their cost can be prohibitive for smaller operations.

Enter Drillspec. Designed just for the drilling industry,
this business management tool is like an HR Manager,
Chief of Operations and Accountant all in one. And more.

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You only pay when the drills are turning.

What do we mean? If you’re not active right now, we’ll still work with you to establish the Drillspec system – and you don’t pay until business picks up again. When things slow down the difference between those who survive and those who thrive is what they do during the down time. Take this opportunity to position yourself for success.

Why Drillspec

Drillspec will change the way you see your operation.

How it Works

DrillSpec Dashboard

More man-power
without the man-hours.

Drillspec is a cloud-based business management tool designed to respond to the drilling industry’s unique requirements for information control and tracking. It’s the perfect companion for the DEC (Drilling Excellence Certification) process – but it’s more than that.

Drillspec will allow you to up your game, increase efficiency and give you access to critical information in the field. Larger companies will save tens of thousands of dollars the first year, while smaller companies will be able to operate at a whole new level.

How it Works

Avoid downtime and keep your rigs at peak profitability.

How it Works