Bring together every part of your operation like a well oiled machine.

The only COMPLETE Software for the Drilling Industry

Drillspec not only helps you manage every aspect of your business, but all modules are completely integrated.

Drillspec The Others
Shift Reports ✅ ✅
Equipment Maintenance / Management ✅
Human Resources ✅
Training Management with HR Integration ✅
Document Control (Unlimited Docs) ✅
Legal Registry ✅
Corrective Actions & Incident Reports ✅

For most companies Drillspec will pay for itself within the first 30 days!

Drillspec Data Example

Let the competition
“analyze their data”.

You’ve got core to drill.

Simple and easy to use, Drillspec does the heavy lifting so you and your team can focus on what you do best.

More than timesheets
and fillable forms.

Seven years ago we started working with real drilling companies like yours to make Drillspec a truly connected web-based software platform for the industry.
Drillspec Profile Example

Only share what your
clients need to see.

Mining companies demand transparency. Drillspec allows you to share key information your clients need to see. But that’s all.

The Drillspec 30 Day Payback!

For most companies Drillspec will pay for itself within the first 30 days, making you a more profitable, safer partner for mining companies to work with in the process.

Find out how fast Drillspec will payback your company today!

Spreadsheets are the MOST
DANGEROUS part of your business.

Spreadsheets and fillable forms can collect information but they can’t connect all the dots, leaving you high and dry when safety and profitability are on the line. You need a single solution that can show your clients that you follow safety procedures, track productivity and equipment and analyze profitability in a meaningful way.

Unlike spreadsheets, Drillspec will:

  • Give you real-time, synchronized data from the field to head office, and beyond
  • Protect data integrity – Drillspec cleanses data as it’s entered, so entering bad info is virtually impossible
  • Show you who opened files (like SWPs) and when they opened them, so they are accountable
  • Lock down important documents, so expired versions don’t go out into the field