How It Works

The dashboard gives you control.

At a glance you can take stock of every area of your operation, and receive colour-coded notifications when action is required. Drillspec will tell you if an employee needs training, a rig needs servicing, if your emergency procedures need review and much more. It can even give you detailed, current legislation and company policy in the field so you are always in compliance.

While the tool is comprised of all the areas below, the dashboard brings it all together for you.

Human Resources

  • Define job descriptions and assign accountability
  • Link your clients directly to your employee training records and qualifications
  • Get notification when action is required
  • Save time and money while keeping your crew productive, safe and in compliance

Equipment Maintenance

  • Track and schedule maintenance needs and forecast costs
  • Avoid downtime due to equipment failures that could have been prevented
  • Predict service needs and avoid bottlenecks at the shop

Document Control

  • Manage controlled documents as required by legislation
  • Ensure compliance and limit your liability
  • Store and access your documents by document category
  • Record when a document was approved and by whom
  • Track revisions and document expiration

Legal Registry

  • Look up provincial and federal legislation on site
  • Legislation is pared down to relevant information, so you aren’t searching through the entire binder
  • Your own policies are incorporated, giving you a complete rulebook in one place

Corrective Action

  • Follow up on corrective measures and receive prompts that ensure action is taken
  • Track and record information related to liability
  • Retain valuable information for future problem solving
  • Eliminate repeat incidents

Operations Manager

  • Store vital info for all your contracts and jobs in a single, secure place
  • Track the status of individual jobs from anywhere in the world
  • Allow clients to monitor downtime, current depth and more in real time
  • Take stock of all employees and equipment associated with each job